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The Beginner's Guide to Building a Winning Loyalty Program

Building a loyal customer base starts with designing a loyalty program customers love. LoyaltyLion shares their top 6 tips for building a winning loyalty program.

How to Turn Customers into a Brand Community

The best brands globally know the importance of community, so how do you start to build one? Here's three easy steps to help you on your journey.

Prioritizing personalization & exceptional merchandise with Rockets of Awesome

Rockets of Awesome is a direct-to-consumer kids apparel brand, designing and selling over-the-top awesome clothes for real life with kids. We had a conversation with Scott Turner, Chief Customer Officer, to hear how Rockets of Awesome is reinventing the way parents shop for kids.

Your Favourite Packaging Designs on Pinterest of 2020

Need some inspiration for a packaging refresh in 2021? We've rounded up our top ten most popular Pinterest posts of 2020.

Your Favourite Packaging Designs on Instagram of 2020

If you're thinking of redesigning your packaging in the new year, then look no further. Here's our top ten most loved packaging designs on Instagram in 2020 to inspire you.

Four sustainable business trends to watch in 2021

Sustainability is a topic on the minds of many businesses, so what big changes can we expect to see in 2021? Here's a few predictions.

Your About Us Isn't Really About You

Copywriting agency Sonder & Tell demystifies how to write the perfect About Us section for your website. Spoiler alert: your customer is the real hero.

Looking for an Alternative to Bubble Wrap? These 7 Materials Will Do the Trick

There's many sustainable alternatives brands can use instead of bubble wrap. Here's some eco-friendly materials you can protect fragile items with.

How to prep for the Holidays: a Q&A with Hydrant

A talk with Hydrant co-founder, John Sherwin, about getting organized and managing customer expectations during the holiday rush.

How to be a More Sustainable Retailer During the Holiday Season

Looking to become a little more eco-friendly during the holidays? Here's six tips to manage your business sustainably.

What Growing Businesses can do to Turn First-Time Shoppers into Lifelong Fans

Inventory management may not be the most glamorous part of business, but it is one of the most important. Our partners at Peoplevox give us tips and tricks for managing your inventory ahead of the holiday season.

How to Create a Killer Website: a Q&A with’s Yoav Cohen

Yoav Cohen is the head of training and team lead at He shares some tips on how to create a great user experience on your website.

Ten ways brands revamped their packaging for the holidays

Custom packaging is a great way to join in on holiday festivities and make your products feel like a present. Need some inspiration? Here's how 10 brands captured the Christmas cheer.

The Power of Offline Marketing: 5 Ways to Boost the Visibility of Your Business

As the online world gets increasingly busy, connecting with people offline helps brands build a meaningful relationship with customers. Here's five easy ways to do it.

How to prep for the holidays: a Q&A with Bloomsday

Bloomsday head florist Marayke Bouma has a chat about how she gets organized for the busy holiday season.

Little Spoon, big impact: How Little Spoon is making nutrition-packed food for modern families

Little Spoon is disrupting a sleepy, waste-filled industry by creating fresh baby food for kids. Co-founder, president and chief marketing officer Lisa Barnett talks spotting a gap in the market and striving to be a sustainable business.

How to inject personality into your packaging

Good packaging will help you stand out, but great packaging tells a story about who you are. Not sure how to add personality to your packaging? Read our guide for some inspiration.

The 2020 small business holiday checklist

The holidays are just around the corner, which means it’s time to start prepping for the seasonal rush. Here’s our checklist on how to navigate this busy season.

How to create custom wrapping paper for your business

Any business, big or small, can make the most of custom wrapping paper. Here's the process to follow when designing some – it's easier than you think!

How to minimise your ecommerce shipping costs

Our partners at Parcelhub share their best tips and tricks on how you can decrease shipping costs and enhance the customer experience.

Ten ways brands used blue in their packaging

The color blue is extremely versatile when it comes to packaging. Want some shade inspiration? Here's ten brands who used blue in a variety of ways to get your inspiration flowing.

Natural and Scented Self-Care Products with BON LUX

"I think as a brand, it’s important to make the entire experience of opening a box and unwrapping things beautiful." Chantel Camilleri, designer/maker at BON LUX

Here’s how six businesses nail consistent visual branding across all channels

Consistent visual branding helps build a relationship with customers and gain their loyalty and trust. Here's how six businesses keep their branding aligned, online and offline.

Marketing Inspo: 18 Tips to Create a Customer Retention Program that Actually Works

Customer retention programs are vital to small businesses so if you don't have one in place, now is a great time to start. Here's our guide on how to craft one.

Our ultimate guide to taking a great packaging photo

Packaging photography is an awesome marketing strategy for small businesses. Here's why a picture is worth a thousand words.

One size does not fit all: How to talk to customers of different generations

Jasmine Glasheen is an expert in helping retailers craft great content strategies. She shares how to communicate more effectively with customers of all ages.

Five ways custom cards can add a personalized touch to your packaging experience

When it comes to adding a thoughtful touch to your packaging, a custom card can't be beaten. Here's a look at the different ways you can include one with your product.

A Complete Guide to Packaging Design: How to Create Beautiful and Functional Packages for Your Products

When it comes to packaging design, choosing the right materials, graphic design and copy can bring your product to life. Here's our step-by-step guide on how to do it.

How to Establish Trust and Intimacy on Social Media: A Chat with Merchant Method Founder Chris Guillot

Christine Guillot is the founder of Merchant Method, and she's a purpose-driven retail consultant who helps independent merchants and creators be more profitable. She shares how small business should shift their social media strategy to connect with customers and win their business.

How to Create a Great Packing or Wrapping Video

Taking people behind the scenes of your packing process is great way to excite and engage your customers, while also showing off the beauty of your packaging. If you're new to this, don't worry – we take you through how to make a video, step by step.

noissue, unwrapped: what makes a noissue product?

Have you been wondering what will have the most impact when it comes to switching up your packaging? We break down the points of difference in each of our products to help you make a decision for your brand.

The Forest Mori: Cheeky Handmade Art

"I believe that my work is able to gain traction because I am not only a seller of artwork, but also a seller of fun shopping experiences where people await receiving their one of a kind orders with anticipation," Claudia Lam, Founder of The Forest Mori

Marketing Inspo: How to Tap into the Power of Communities

In this next installment of our Marketing Inspo series, we explore how you can tap into the power of brand communities and leverage that for your business.

A Toolkit to Preserve Customer Experience During COVID-19

The reality of the COVID-19 pandemic has become apparent: the future of many businesses is uncertain and no industry has been left unscathed. In these unnerving and unprecedented circumstances, many of us are seeking solutions on how to navigate this new landscape and continue to care for our customers. While there is no proven answer, we’ve joined forces with our Industry Partners [] to create a toolkit of tangible tips to help preserve your cus

How to Create Custom Branded Packaging That Stands Out and Boosts Engagement

Custom-branded packaging can ultimately lead to stronger customer relationships, higher levels of engagement, and more sales. So, how exactly can you execute an effective packaging strategy?

2020 Packaging Design Trends

It’s the start of a whole new year, so that means a forecast of the top packaging design trends for 2020!

How to Create a Memorable Unboxing Experience with Branded Packaging

What is exactly is unboxing, and how does branded packaging help you to create a better customer experience as an eCommerce brand? Our in-depth guide covers everything you need to know to build a memorable unboxing experience.

The Benefits of Using Custom Tissue Paper for Your Business

Custom tissue paper is a fantastic packaging solution for small businesses, but it offers far more benefits than this!

The 4 Things You Need to Create a Phenomenal Unboxing Experience

A great unboxing experience is a massive branding asset, but many small businesses struggle with how to incorporate it into their order fulfillment process. We discuss the key elements of a memorable unboxing, and how you can make the most of them!

5 Things That are Killing Your Customer Experience in eCommerce (and What to Do Instead)

The low barriers to entry in eCommerce make it easy to set up a store & get selling. But the customer experience you offer online matters just as much as it does in physical retail. Vend looks at the top 5 things that can damage the customer experience on your site and what you can do to fix them.

Multichannel Selling: How to Expand your eCommerce Presence

eCommerce has massively changed the game in terms of how brands can gain a foothold in the marketplace. But what does successful expansion involve? How can you make it so consumers can more easily discover you? Enter: a comprehensive multichannel selling strategy.

Why You Should Offer Free Gift-Wrapping on Your Ecommerce Site

Let’s face it – without gift-wrapping, it wouldn’t feel like the holiday season! Beautifully-wrapped parcels appearing in-store and on social media is one of the biggest signs that Christmas is on its way. We have already talked on the blog about how to improve your holiday unboxing [] this season. But what about the virtues of offering complementary gift-wrapping more widely to your customers? Usually, we