Check out how we partner with Fulfillment companies worldwide to offer bespoke, eco-friendly packaging. Ship direct to fulfillment centers and offer your clients the customization their brand deserves!

Some of Our Partners


Having Shipbob as a partner has helped streamline our business to make it easy to get our natural deodorant out to our major distributors, boutique retailers, and our e-commerce customers. As soon as the product arrives from our co-packer, Shipbob enters it into their system. Once a customer places an order on piperwai.com, the order transmits to their WMS. Their team understands the process for packing our products appropriately and utilizing the proper carton configurations. We have a dedicated account manager that oversees the whole process to ensure the packers are properly trained on packaging protocol for our account.

We like to show our gratitude toward our loyal customers and educate all customers on our product the best we can. Customer experience is important to us because with good customer service comes strong lifetime customer value. The more you give in terms of communication, understanding, and empathy, the more you will receive in return.

We execute this by making sure that we address product and fulfillment issues swiftly and by the method that is most convenient for our customers. For broken product, lost-in-transit orders, and mis-shipped products, we make sure we provide a replacement for the customer immediately and work to address issues in real-time. We pride ourselves in having a 24 hour response-time.

Q: How has custom packaging helped your business?

A: Ways custom packaging has helped us:

  • Branded boxes have helped customers easily identify our product when it arrives in the mail
  • Current packaging helps eliminate additional paper waste
  • Cartons are designed to secure product during the shipping process
  • For a limited time during the holidays, we offered a gift set that included a jar, stick, and two trial sizes that were wrapped beautifully with branded noissue tissue paper and placed in an organic cotton travel pouch. It made for an amazing gift that was versatile and great for travel.